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Discount Swimming Pool Supplies Chemicals from BioGuard, SoftSwim, Baquacil, HTH Poolife, Zodiac Nature2, Natural Chemistry, and more

Swimming Pool Chemicals from BioGuard, Baquacil, SoftSwim, Poolife, United Chemicals.

Discount Swimming Pool Chemicals, pool shock, pool chlorine, pool algaecides, natural pool enzymes, and more from Save on BioGuard, Baquacil, HTH Poolife, SoftSwim, Zodiac Nature2, Natural Chemistry, ClearView, and United Chemicals. Shop by brand or shop by chemical type. Buy all pool chemicals, pool shock, water balancers, accessory chemicals, and more. At, we feature name brand pool chemicals; all brands that you can trust at great prices. All Pool Chemicals are in-stock and ready for immediate delivery!

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BioGuard Pool Chemicals

Shop the complete line of BioGuard Pool Chemicals. BioGuard is the most trusted name in pool chemicals. Trust your pool to BioGuard and see how easy pool care can become.

Sanitizers | Pool Shock and Oxidizers | Algaecides | Balancers | Accessories | BioGuard Pool Chemical Kits

Salt Scapes Salt Water Pool Care

The Salt Scapes Saltwater Pool Care System was designed specifically for saltwater pools and provides everything you will need to keep your saltwater sparkling and protect your equipment and pool surfaces..

HTH Poolife Pool Chemicals

Shop the complete line of HTH Pool Chemicals. HTH Poolife offers a chlorine sanitizers including Active Clean Tablets, Chlorine Caplets, Turbo Shock, and more at very competitive prices.

Sanitizers | Pool Shock and Oxidizers | Algaecides | Balancers | Accessories | Poolife Pool Chemical Kits

ClearView Pool Chemicals

Shop the complete line of ClearView Pool Chemicals. Get great everyday low prices on core products. Safe for use in all in-ground swimming pools and above-ground pools.

Sanitizers | Pool Shock and Oxidizers | Algaecides | Balancers | Accessories | ClearView Pool Chemical Kits

SoftSwim Pool Chemicals | Chlorine-free

Shop the complete line of SoftSwim Pool Chemicals. Go Chlorine-free with the use of SoftSwim Pool Chemicals.  Easy as 1-2-3, SoftSwim will make pool care simple and enjoyable.

Core Products | Maintenance Items | SoftSwim Pool Chemical Kits

Baquacil Pool Chemicals | Chlorine-free

Shop the complete line of Baquacil Pool Chemicals. Set yourself free from chlorine with the easy Baquacil Pool Care System. We offer the full line of chlorine-free pool chemicals.

Core Products | Accessories | Balancers | Baquacil Pool Chemical Kits

Jack's Magic Stain Preventative Supplies

Shop the wide selection of Jack's Magic Pool Chemicals. Shop a wide selection of stain identification, preventative, and removal products from Jack's Magic.

United Chemicals | Specialty Pool Chemicals

Shop the complete line of United Chemicals Specialty Pool Chemicals. View a great selection of algae killers, maintenance chemicals, pH balancers, and stain removers.

Algaecides | Maintenance | Balancers | NoDran Acid Wash Kits | Stain Removers

Natural Chemistry Pool Chemicals | Enzyme Based Pool Chemicals

Shop our complete selection Natural Chemistry Enzyme Based Swimming Pool Chemicals. Get great prices and fast shipping on PhosFree, PoolPerfect, PoolMagic, and more.

Synergy by Omni

Shop the complete line of Synergy by Omni Pool Chemicals. We feature everyday low prices and great values on all Omni Pool Chemicals.

Zodiac Nature2 Mineral Purifiers for Swimming Pools

Shop the complete line of Zodiac Nature2 Mineral Purifiers for Pools. We carry the complete line-up of mineral purifiers for Inground and Above Ground pools. Get great deals on all Nature2 Vessels, Nature2 Vessels with Cartridges, and Replacement Cartridges.

Inground Vessels | Above Ground Vessels | Vessels with Cartridges | Replacement Cartridges

Winter Chemicals & Closing Kits

Shop for pool closing and winter pool chemicals. Get great deals on winter chemical kits, winter pool shock, and winter algaecide. Choose from all types of pool closing chemicals for all In ground and Above Ground pools.