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Choose at least one item from each product group to complete a package. You must choose a type and quantity of Poolife Sanitizer, Poolife Turbo Shock, and a Poolife Algaecide.

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Step 1: Select Your Chlorine Tablets or Sticks

Poollife Cleaning Tablets

Poolife 3" Cleaning Tablets are your basic chlorine tablets that will maintain proper chlorine levels in your swimming pool. The   Learn More
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Poolife MPT Multipurpose Tablets

These unique Multipurpose 3" Cleaning Tablets were developed using new all-in-one technology to provide continuous chlorination,   Learn More
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Poolife Brite Stix

With POOLIFE Brite Stix sanitizer, you have access to a premium product that doesn’t just work harder, but smarter to offer lo   Learn More

Step 2: Select Your Turbo Shock & Oxidizer 78%

Poolife Turbo Shock 78%

HTH Poolife Turbo Shock is a super-powerful, fast-acting formula containing 78% available chlorine. Made from a patented process   Learn More
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Poolife Rapid Shock 68%

HTH Poolife Rapid Shock is a fast dissolving formula for use weekly, after heavy pool usage, and after rain or windstorms. It wo   Learn More

Step 3: Select Your Algaecide

Poolife Defend+

Poolife Defend+ Algaecide is a non-foaming algaecide that not only treats and prevents green, black and yellow algae, but also c   Learn More
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Poolife Pool Plus

HTH Poolife Pool Plus Sequestering Agent is a mild acid used to remove iron, copper, manganese and other metals from the water.   Learn More
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Poolife Algae Ban II

HTH Poolife AlgaeBan II is a unique Organo Copper Complex algaecide that is completely safe to use with all type of pool surface   Learn More
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