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Manufacturer: ClearView
ClearView Item Number: HPKIT4
UPC/GTIN: 00687695120949
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Product Information

Pool opening season just got a lot easier with these custom pool chemical start-up kits. We took all the guess work out and custom-made these chemical start-up kits for you. All you have to do is follow the included instruction sheet and apply the chemicals. The convenience of these start-up kits allow you to take one task off of your chores by not having to figure out what you need to open your swimming pool.

Your start-up kit will include all of the essential chemicals to get your pool up and running after being closed for multiple months. What is even better is that the start-up kit is pre-measured to fit your size pool. Your start-up kit will have exactly the correct dosage of chemicals to properly get your pool ready for summer. Pool opening season has never been easier!

Here's What You'll Get in your Platinum Start-Up Kit

  • ClearView Insta-Chlor Chlorinated Pool Shock | 6 - 1 lb. Bags
  • Insta-Chlor pool shock is a highly effective, multi-purpose shock that sanitizes, clarifies, helps prevent algae and shock treat your pool. It is convenient, easy to use, and won't over-stabilize your pool. At 68% active ingredient calcium hypochlorite, this shock is sure to remedy any lingering off-season cloudiness & bacteria.

    Dosage Instructions:

    • Make sure your swimming pool pump is running
    • Pre-dilute all 3 bags of Insta-Chlor into a bucket of your pool water
    • Broadcast pre-diluted mix into the deep end of the pool
    • Do not enter pool until your chlorine level is within 1-3 ppm (parts per million)
  • ClearView Copper Strike Algaecide | 2 - 32 oz. Bottle
  • Copper Strike is a highly concentrated copper-based algae killer & preventative for treating hard to kill mustard, black, & green algae in chlorine or bromine treated pools. As a copper-based algaecide, Copper Strike is specifically formualted to kill and control future growth of algae blooms. Its long-lasting action will control existing algae & subsequent doses will prevent future blooms.

    Dosage Instructions:

    • Make sure your swimming pool pump is running
    • Pre-dilute 6 oz. of Copper Strike into a bucket of your pool water
    • Add the pre-diluted mixture of Copper Strike around the perimeter of your pool 1 hour after adding the ClearView Insta-Chlor Chlorinated Pool Shock
    • If there is algae still in your pool, apply another dosage of 6 oz. of Copper Strike
    • Your pool water will appear cloudy, which is good - that's dead algae!
    • Allow your pump & filter to run at least 12 hours
  • ClearView Super Crystal Clarifier Water Clarifier | 1 - 32 oz. Bottle
  • Crystal Clarifier is specially formulated to surround even the smallest particles or organic waster & other contaminants to aid in filtration. Crystal Clarifier will make your swimming pool water exceptionally clear, brilliant, & sparkling all while lowering your operating costs.

    Dosage Instructions:

    • Make sure your swimming pool pump is running
    • Add 10 oz. of Crystal Clarifier directly into the deep end of your pool
    • For best results, use after applying your ClearView Insta-Chlor Pool Shock & ClearView Copper Strike Algaecide
    • Brush up any un-diluted product to ensure good mixture into pool water
    • Run your pool pump & filtration system until it is time to backwash or clean your filter per the manufacturer's recommendation
    • For extremely cloudy & murky swimming pools, repeat the dosage instructions until water is clear
  • Natural Chemistry Pool Magic | 1 - 1L Bottle
  • Pool Magic Spring & Fall uses SMARTZyme technology that is designed specifically to work in cold water. Enzymes control non-living organic contamination in pool water during the off season to minimize the work when opening the pool. Pool Magic Spring & Fall reduces offseason waterline buildup & preserves your line and pool finish.

    Dosage Instructions:

  • Ultra Screen Skimmer Screen | Pack of 5
  • The Ultra Screen is a filter sock that removes dirt and debris before it can get to the filter. Consisting of an extremely fine mesh material bound to a durable elastic ring, the Ultra Screen prevents debris, scum, and bugs from clogging the filter system. Simply attach it to your skimmer basket it to trap oils, bugs, and organic matter from passing through. Packaged with 5 Ultra Screens, you're swimming pool will look great without that nasty scum line around your water line!

  • Insta-TEST Pool & Spa Test Strips | Bottle of 10 Strips
    • Measures free chlorine 0-10 ppm (or bromine 0-20 ppm), ph 62-84, total alkalinity 0-240 and total hardness 50-800 ppm
    • The test strip is a 1-dip method designed to match the way strip users actually test water
    • Now available in French, Spanish, and English instructions
    • The bottle has a molded desiccant liner, which protects the strips from moisturer

Now that you have all of the start-up products you need for your swimming pool, relaxing in the summer breeze, pool-side, will be much more enjoyable. After your start-up is complete and you're ready to stock up on this season's maintenance chemicals, browse our Pool Chemical Packages for various bundles to keep your pool looking great all season long. There are dozens of different pool chemical bundles for every pool shape & size. If by chance you don't see any bundle that suites your needs, just create your own with a custom bundle! This way, you only get the pool chemicals you need while still saving!

ClearView Item HPKIT4 Documentation and Manuals

  • There are currently no documents or manuals available for this item.
  • ClearView HPKIT4 meets or exceeds all industry standards and specifications.
  • If you need additional information on this product please Contact Us.

ClearView Item HPKIT4 Suggested Applications

  • All Concrete, Colored Plaster and Painted Pools
  • All Inground Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools
  • All Aboveground Swimming Pools

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