Pool Renovations

Swimming Pool Renovation Services offered by Hydro Pool & Spa. Serving Montgomery County and Howard County in Maryland.

Pool Coping

Choose from the best available material selections!

Hydro Pool offers a wide range of Pool Coping material options. Choose from Brick Coping, Pre-Cast White Coping, Flagstone Coping, Paver Stone Coping, and more. We offer materials in a wide range of colors and sizes to be the perfect fit for your pool, your lifestyle, and budget.

White Pre-Cast Coping
White Coping
Color Terrazzo Coping
Brick Pool Coping
Paver Stone

Pool Tile

Choose the perfect tile to compliment the design!

Hydro Pool offers a vast selection of Water Line Pool Tile! Find the perfect tile to match your new pool coping and plaster. Accent your pool steps or bench with trim tile along the edge! Install wall targets for the lap swimmers! Choose from classic designs, modern looks, or glass - the sky is the limit.
Download the Classic Pool Tile & Stone Brochure and the MasterTile Brochure.

Buenos Series Tile
Buenos Series Tile
Glass Pool Tile
Glass Pool Tile
Classic Pool Tile
1" Classic Pool Tile
Glass Pool Tile
Glass Pool Tile
3" Reminiscing Tile
3" Reminiscing Tile
Reminiscing Diamond Tile
Reminiscing Diamond Tile

Pool Plaster

Choose from Standard, Quartz Aggregate, Stone, and Glass Plaster Finishes

Hydro Pool offers 6 different product lines of Pool Plaster Materials available in over 70 colors. Don't settle for anything less than the best material for the most important and visible part of you pool. Quartz Aggregate Pool Plaster materials include upgraded warranties between 5 and 15 years. Schedule a consultation to learn all about the newest and most innovative pool plaster technologies available.

Download the WetEdge Pool Plaster Brochure

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
Cool Blue
Cool Blue
Sky Blue Treasure
Sky Blue Treasure
Black Diamond Treasure
Black Diamond Treasure
White Diamond
White Diamond

Pool Decks

Endless Styles, Colors, and Textures

Hydro Pool offers broom-finished concrete, color-dyed concrete, exposed aggregate, flagstone, brick, pavers, and textured concrete overlays. Schedule a consultation to learn all about the many options available.

Broom Finished Concrete
Broom Finished Concrete
Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Flagstone Pool Deck
Flagstone Pool Deck
Brick Pool Deck
Brick Pool Deck
Paver Pool Deck
Paver Pool Deck
Concrete Overlay
Concrete Overlay

Pool Liners

Dozens of styles available

Hydro Pool offers many styles, colors, and grades of pool liners. Choose from Classic, UltraMayd, Premium, PermaWall, and Posi-Trac replacement pool liners available in more than 20 liner patterns and colors. All liners are customer manufactured for a perfect fit every time.

Download the Plastimayd Pool Liner Brochure

Diamond Breeze Pool Liner
Hampton Seaglass Pool Liner
Ocean Adrift Pool Liner
Ocean Adrift
Coventry Pool Liner
Dolphin Pool Liner
Santa Cruz Pool Liner
Santa Cruz

Pool Renovations

Call 301-258-9595 to schedule a free consultation and estimate.
  1. Pool Renovation Services
    1. Coping & Tile Replacement
    2. Bond Beam Repairs
    3. Pool Plastering
    4. Expansion joint caulk
    5. Paint Removal
    6. Skimmers and Plumbing Replacement
    7. Pool Equipment
    8. Salt Systems
    9. LED Pool Lighting
    10. Brick, Flagstone, and Paver pool decks, patios, walkways, and walls
    11. Pool Liner replacements

  2. Concrete and Masonry Services
    1. Pool Decks
      1. Broom Finished Concrete
      2. Colored Concrete
      3. Exposed Aggregate
      4. Flagstone
      5. Brick
      6. Pavers
    2. Walls
      1. Stone Walls
      2. Brick Walls
      3. Retaining Walls
      4. Sitting Walls

* Don't delay, call 301-258-9595 to schedule a Free Design Consultation and estimate. For your convenience, Evening and Saturday estimates times are available.

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Areas We Service

Swimming Pool Service, Pool Renovations, and Pool Maintenance Services in Montgomery County Maryland:

20861 Ashton, MD
20906 Aspen Hill, MD
20916 Aspen Hill, MD
20838 Barnesville, MD
20839 Beallsville, MD
20813 Bethesda, MD
20814 Bethesda, MD
20815 Bethesda, MD
20816 Bethesda, MD
20817 Bethesda, MD
20824 Bethesda, MD
20825 Bethesda, MD
20827 Bethesda, MD
20841 Boyds, MD
20862 Brinklow, MD
20833 Brookeville, MD
20866 Burtonsville, MD
20818 Cabin John, MD
20815 Chevy Chase, MD
20825 Chevy Chase, MD
20871 Clarksburg, MD
20904 Colesville, MD
20905 Colesville, MD
20914 Colesville, MD
20872 Damascus, MD
20874 Darnestown, MD
20878 Darnestown, MD
20855 Derwood, MD
20842 Dickerson, MD
20877 Gaithersburg, MD
20878 Gaithersburg, MD
20879 Gaithersburg, MD
20882 Gaithersburg, MD
20883 Gaithersburg, MD
20884 Gaithersburg, MD
20885 Gaithersburg, MD
20886 Gaithersburg, MD
20898 Gaithersburg, MD
20896 Garrett Park, MD
20874 Germantown, MD
20875 Germantown, MD
20876 Germantown, MD
20812 Glen Echo, MD
20891 Kensington, MD
20895 Kensington, MD
20879 Laytonsville, MD
20882 Laytonsville, MD
20877 Montgomery Village, MD
20879 Montgomery Village, MD
20886 Montgomery Village, MD
20852 North Bethesda, MD
20878 North Potomac, MD
20830 Olney, MD
20832 Olney, MD
20837 Poolesville, MD
20854 Potomac, MD
20859 Potomac, MD
20847 Rockville, MD
20848 Rockville, MD
20849 Rockville, MD
20850 Rockville, MD
20851 Rockville, MD
20852 Rockville, MD
20853 Rockville, MD
20854 Rockville, MD
20855 Rockville, MD
20859 Rockville, MD
20860 Sandy Spring, MD
20901 Silver Spring, MD
20902 Silver Spring, MD
20903 Silver Spring, MD
20904 Silver Spring, MD
20905 Silver Spring, MD
20906 Silver Spring, MD
20907 Silver Spring, MD
20908 Silver Spring, MD
20910 Silver Spring, MD
20911 Silver Spring, MD
20912 Silver Spring, MD
20913 Silver Spring, MD
20914 Silver Spring, MD
20915 Silver Spring, MD
20916 Silver Spring, MD
20918 Silver Spring, MD
20868 Spencerville, MD
20912 Takoma Park, MD
20913 Takoma Park, MD
20880 Washington Grove, MD
20817 West Bethesda, MD
20827 West Bethesda, MD
20902 Wheaton, MD
20915 Wheaton

Swimming Pool Service, Pool Renovations, and Pool Maintenance Services in Howard County Maryland:

21029 Clarksville, MD
21044 Columbia, MD
21045 Columbia, MD
21046 Columbia, MD
21723 Cooksville, MD
21036 Dayton, MD
21042 Ellicott City, MD
21043 Ellicott City, MD
20759 Fulton, MD
21737 Glenelg, MD
21738 Glenwood, MD
20777 Highland, MD
20723 Laurel, MD
21765 Lisbon, MD
21771 Mt Airy, MD
20763 Savage, MD
21150 Simpsonville, MD
21784 Sykesville, MD
21794 West Friendship, MD
21797 Woodbine, MD

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