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Choose at least one item from each product group to complete a package. You must choose one quantity of SoftSwim A Algaecide, SoftSwim B Sanitizer, and SoftSwim C Shock and Oxidizer. Signature required for delivery.

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Step 1: Select Your SoftSwim Algaecide

SoftSwim "A" Algaecide

Get things started with SoftSwim A. The fact is, using an effective algicide is an important first step in your pool care regime   Learn More

Step 2: Select Your SoftSwim Sanitizer and Algistat

SoftSwim "B" Sanitizer and Algistat

SoftSwim B, our gentle, non-chlorine sanitizer, does a wonderful job of controlling bacteria levels. This is a step you don't wa   Learn More

Step 3: Select Your SoftSwim Shock & Oxidizer

SoftSwim "C" Shock & Oxidizer

Use SoftSwim C on a monthly basis to maintain clarity. Our powerful clarifier and oxidizer helps you keep the sparkle in your wa   Learn More
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