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Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Genuine Loop-Loc Safety Pool Covers. Regardless of your pool type of shape, we have the right answer for any question.

Are there standard sizes of Loop-Loc Pool Covers?

We have over 600 In-Stock Sizes and Shapes of Loop-Loc Pool Covers. In-Stock pool covers are available in both Loop-Loc Super Dense Mesh and Ultra-Loc III Solid materials. In addition, In-Stock covers are available with optional colors including, blue, black, gray, and tan.

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Need a Replacement Loop-Loc Cover for your free-form custom pool?

Replacement Loop-Loc Covers are available from Loop-Loc. Please call us at 800-469-7665 for more information or send your request online.

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Need a New Loop-Loc for your free-form custom pool?

New Loop-Loc Covers, for First Time Installations, for free-form custom pools are available. Please call us at 800-469-7665 or send your request online.

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What's the difference between a regular pool cover and a safety pool cover?

A typical solid vinyl pool cover is little more than a tarp to put over your pool. It does not prevent children or pets from gaining access to the pool. All safety covers must conform to the Standard Performance Specification set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). According to the ASTM, a safety cover must be able to support a certain amount of weight, not permit gaps that a child or pet could squeeze through, and remove standing water. LOOP-LOC safety covers far exceed minimum ASTM standards. Built from extremely strong material and secured tightly to the deck by heavy-duty springs and brass anchors, a LOOP-LOC safety cover puts a "lock" on a pool that will prevent children and pets from gaining access to the water.

My pool dealer offered to sell me a safety cover "just like LOOP-LOC." Aren't all safety covers pretty much the same?

Not at all! The safety of the cover entirely depends on the quality of its materials and manufacturing. LOOP-LOC uses materials that are in many cases far superior to those used by competitors. For example, Loop-Loc uses double perimeter webbing and double-thick straps, extremely high-strength 302 grade stainless steel springs, and polyester bonded thread that costs almost 10 times more than the thread used by some of our competitors. We also hand-inspect every stitch on every cover - and even use contrasting white thread, so inspectors can see instantly if a stitch is missed! LOOP-LOC's founder co-invented the safety pool cover and started this company for the single purpose of creating the highest quality, safest covers available.

Do you market your covers under other names?

Absolutely not! Do not allow yourself to be misled by dealers who may try to sell you "another brand of LOOP-LOC." Genuine Loop-Loc Safety Pool Covers are marketed as either LOOP-LOC or ULTRA-LOC.

How do I know I'm getting a genuine LOOP-LOC?

First, make sure it says "LOOP-LOC" on your contract when you order. Then, examine your cover when it arrives. All LOOP-LOC covers (including ULTRA-LOC) have the LOOP-LOC name woven right into the straps. If you don't see LOOP-LOC on the cover, it's not a LOOP-LOC!

Can my children walk and play on my LOOP-LOC cover?

All LOOP-LOC covers meet the ASTM guidelines for safety covers and have been U.L. certified. As such they will easily support the weight of a child or an adult in an emergency. However, we do not recommend walking on the cover, and children and pets should never be allowed to play on top of a LOOP-LOC or any other type of pool cover. Adult supervision is always required around any swimming pool area.

Should I get a mesh or a solid safety cover?

Both the LOOP-LOC Mesh Safety Swimming Pool Cover and our ULTRA-LOC solid Safety Swimming Pool Cover provide superior protection for your family. Mesh covers do have one safety advantage: they do not permit water to collect. In order to meet safety cover performance standards, solid covers must provide for the elimination of standing water. Our ULTRA-LOC solid safety cover is available in two versions: one with "invisible" mesh panels that allow water to drain through, and an all-solid version that is always sold with an automatic cover pump. The pump must be used at all times in order to maintain the safety of the cover. Ultimately, though, the choice between a mesh or solid cover is up to the preference of the user.

Why does the water have to be removed from the cover in order for it to be considered safe?

Collected water on a cover is a hazard in itself. There have unfortunately been cases of children and pets who have wandered out on a cover filled with water and slippery debris, become trapped and drowned. That is why the ASTM Performance Specification states that no pool cover can call itself a safety cover if it does not provide for water removal.

What type of warranty do your covers come with?

All LOOP-LOC mesh and solid safety covers come with a 15 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Loop-Loc warrants that the cover is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use.

Should I drain my pool before putting on my LOOP-LOC cover?

No! It is very important to maintain proper water level to help support the weight of the cover and prevent excess wear. For LOOP-LOC mesh covers, water level should be 15" to 18" below the top of the pool. For ULTRA-LOC solid covers, water level should be 12" to 16" below the top of the pool. If proper water level is not maintained, the warranty can be void.

How long will it take to get a custom LOOP-LOC cover?

From the time you order a custom Loop-loc cover, we will ship your cover from the factory in approximately 10-14 days.

Why should I purchase a LOOP-LOC safety cover when there are less expensive covers available?

Of course, the main reason is safety. But it is also important to remember that price is a relative issue. A LOOP-LOC safety cover is built to last many, many years. In fact, LOOP-LOC covers often last many years longer than their 12-year warranty. Over that period of time, you would purchase and discard three or four ordinary pool covers.

I always supervise my children when they are around our pool. Why do I need a safety cover?

A swimming pool is always a magnet for children. At times when you are not around to supervise or your family is away from home, wandering children and pets from the neighborhood may attempt to enter your pool. Even if you have a locked gate (which is a great extra layer of protection), a determined toddler will often be able breach it. Only the security of a safety cover can ensure that no one will be able to gain access to the pool while you are away.

If I use both a LOOP-LOC cover and BABY-LOC fencing, can they share the same set of anchors in the deck?

For original BABY-LOC fencing, no. In order to prevent toddlers from squeezing under the fencing, the anchors for original BABY-LOC must be much closer together than those for a LOOP-LOC cover. However, using anchor-in-pipe installation, BABY-LOC DELUXE can use the same pre-drilled holes and anchor collars as LOOP-LOC covers. (But you can't use the cover and fencing at the same time.)

How can I keep my pool water clear over the winter months?

All pools, when covered (no matter what type of cover you have), require winter chemical treatment to keep the water clear. When closing your pool in the fall, we recommend use of a Winterizing Chemical Kit, which includes winter shock & winter algaecide.

Did an elephant really walk on a LOOP-LOC cover?

She certainly did! At the time, "Bubbles," the female African elephant seen in LOOP-LOC advertising, was located on a protected animal preserve in Florida. She was accompanied by her professional handler so that she would feel comfortable during the photo session. Before she took her famous walk, the LOOP-LOC cover was tested with far heavier weight to ensure her safety. You can see the Video of "Bubbles" walking on a Loop-Loc Cover.

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