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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: United Chemicals
United Chemicals Item Number: NODRAN-C12
UPC/GTIN: 730928027130
Condition: New

Product Information

The No Drān Acid Wash gives the results of acid washing with less risk and less work and creates an option in areas where draining isn't an option.

We believe in finding the win-win. We like providing choices that also minimize risks. However, when it comes to heavily stained pools, this wasn't always a reality. The choice was often to live with the stains, or do a full acid wash draining the pool. The risks of acid washes can make it a hard decision: how bad will the surface be etched/damaged? What if one of the service techs leaves a footprint? What if the results aren't even? Even worse, some municipalities take the choice away, mandating pools can't be drained. Luckily, there is a third option: the No Drān Acid Wash.

By utilizing the water in the pool, the No Drān Acid Wash treats the entire surface to yield results similar to a full drain acid wash with better results. There is less risk to surface etching since acid is not added directly to the surface,there is less risk of damage done by service technicians since they aren't physically walking on the surface of the pool and results are also much more even since the entire surface is being treated at one time. Best of all, it's overall easier to perform than conventional acid wash, requiring much less labor.

The No Drān Acid Wash has been around for some time, and was first introduced as kits containing the chemicals and directions necessary to perform the process. However, we soon discovered that most service pros utilized the directions and key ingredients to come up with their own kits. We looked at this as an opportunity to rethink the process, and make it both more universal and easier to perform. The result is delivering our breakthrough process on an easy to read label wrapped around the primary component of a No Drān Acid Wash.

Dosage Instructions:

To achieve the best results from performing this process, follow each step precisely as written and in order. For technical questions, call our customer service hotline at (800) 524-5550. Turn off all equipment and prevent it from turning back on during the process. Protect metal surfaces and fixtures by smearing with Vaseline.

  • Add 1 bottle of No Dran Acid Wash for every 5,000 gallons of pool water
  • Predissolve 1 bottle at a time in a bucket of water and broadcast onto surface of pool water; do not pour around the steps, love seats or shallow areas

For white plaster, colored plaster, painted, pebble or aggregate pools & spas, add 1 gallon of Muriatic Acid for every 1,600 gallons of pool water. Do not pour the acid around the steps, love seats or shallow areas.

For fiberglass or vinyl pools & spas, add 1 gallon of Muriatic Acid for every 5,000 gallons of pool water. Do not pour the acid around the steps, love seats or shallow areas.

For attached spas with scale & stains, add 1 bottle of No Dran Acid Wash for up to 1,000 gallons of water. Predissolve in a bucket of water and broadcast onto surface of spa water; do not pour around the steps.

Removing Scale & Stain Timeline

This is the average duration the process will take to remove scale & staining. Brush the entire pool once per day using a nylon brush. If scale & stains can be wiped, but not brushed off, use a towel wrapped around the end of the brush. Maintain a zero alkalinity during the entire scale & stain removal process. Add 1 gallon of liquid muriatic acid for every 10 ppm of total alkalinity per 15,000 gallons to maintain a zero alkalinity. Some water clouding is normal during the scale & stain removal process.

  • For white plaster or colored plaster pools & spas: 7 to 10 days
  • For vinyl, fiberglass, pebble or aggregate pools & spas: 1 to 3 days

Re-Balancing Your Pool Water

To finish and/or stop the acid washing process, begin to re-balance in the following manner:

  • Perform a base demand test
  • Add the total amount of pH Increaser as per the base demand test results
  • Predissolve 1 lb at a time in a bucket of water and broadcast into pool
  • Only add 1 lb per hour
  • Brush pool after 4 lbs
  • Repeat until all pH Increaser specified by the base demand test has been added
  • Once the pH has reached a minimum of 7.2, equipment can be turned back on
  • Add 1 bottle of Pool Stain Treat every 60 days to keep your pool surface looking nice

United Chemicals Item NODRAN-C12 Documentation and Manuals

  • There are currently no documents or manuals available for this item.
  • United Chemicals NODRAN-C12 meets or exceeds all industry standards and specifications.
  • If you need additional information on this product please Contact Us.

United Chemicals Item NODRAN-C12 Suggested Applications

  • All Concrete, Colored Plaster and Painted Pools
  • All Inground Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools
  • All Aboveground Swimming Pools

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  • Stock Covers that are Ordered and for the Incorrect Pool Size

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Customer is responsible for any/all return shipping charges. Some returns may have a 15% restock fee that will be deducted from your refund. Restock fees are generally applicable when the returned product is found to not be in re-sellable condition, has been installed or attempted to be installed, or does not include all original items, the return will be refused.

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